Journey in Hong Kong


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发表于 2000-05-29 12:09

>>>Another night on the move, this time on a sleeper bus. Arrive a bit earlier to check if you like your bed. The lower level, on some buses, allow a full stretching of the legs (if you measure less than 1.65) while the upper floor is bodily curved and therefore less comfortable. Provided you have your ear plugs and are quite tired, somebody will wake you up at around 4:30 to tell you that you have arrived and that you better hurry to get off the bus because they still have to reach Guilin. Once debarked on the pavement with your bag, either follow a tout to one hotel or, if you do not wish to pay one night for a few hours, head for the river front where you will find convenient (and covered) planks of wood to finish your night (not recommended during snow storm)