Five Days in Shangri-la (4) By dandelion


We ordered boiled yak meat, fried potato, cabbage, bitter gourd with stir-fried egg, Er Kuai(a kind of pastry) and a bottle of Qing Ke wine. The taste was not worthy of compliment. The name of this restaurant was “A Bu old house”. If you just are interested with old Tibetan house, you may come here. There were many Tibetan decorations. I also took many photos of chrysanthemum.

However, we had to be back to old town with our partners. There was a Tibetan restaurant beside our hostel. Then we decided to have our dinner here. Some press clippings pasted on the billboard. A journalist praised this restaurant so much.

Those three partners seemed more professional than us; we could judge them through their equipments. They came from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong separately, and traversed the Hell Village a few days ago.


l Shu Du Lake in autumn is the most amazing scenery of Shangri-la.,As a Chinese saying said,”The man who is gracious will love mountains and the one who is wiser will love the river.” I know I am the smart one, so the water of Shu Du Lake could touch my heart. Those wood bridges, wood platforms, and grass island seemed so pleasant. I strongly recommend you stay here for a whole day. I‘d like to spend the whole day like this: slope on the grass, look the blue sky (through sunglasses), eat the lunch I bring myself, chat something meaningless with him……

We stayed in Bi Ta Sea two hours, and then came to Shu Du Lake. The entrance ticket was a postcard. We were surprised of the beautiful picture on it. In fact, Shu Du Lake was really more elegant than Bi Ta Sea. 1

After one and half hours, we past Tian Sheng Bridge, and got to Bi Ta Sea. We got on an environment-friendly bus, which cost RMB30.A girl introduced the sceneries along the way. From the last bus station to the lakeside, we had to walk about 1.5km plank road. What’s plank road? I know. I have read an article introducing old plank road in China in the magazine” Outdoors Explore”. Plank road is built along the cliff and water, often was made of wood blocks. In ancient time, it provided huge convenience for those businessmen or passengers.


Bi Ta Sea was really worthy of many hikers’ recommendation. Everything here seemed so pure. Virgin forest, clear lake, yellow grass, cyan mountain, some red colors tinted the trees; all the elements could make countless dreamlike drawings.